Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween- married style

I know what you are thinking and this is not what it looks like.

Neither is this.

Paul and I had a little fun for Halloween. He was a mad scientist or crazy professor. We parted his hair in the middle and he wore these ridiculous purple glasses that lit up with blinking LED lights. As we searched for pens to adorn his pocket we stumbled across some interesting colors. With his eyes opened wide like that I thought he looked pretty crazy, but having been around many nerds in his life he insisted on adding a couple more things.

He informed me that no nerd is complete without the white socks and black shoes. We did, however, encounter a problem. His pants were too long to allow admirers to gaze upon his geeky footwear. But Paul had one more trick up his sleeves, only it didn't involve his sleeves at all. He started to undo his belt and I was thinking, "No, you can't be Captain Underpants!" He looked at my bewildered expression and smiled while hitching his pants up past his belly button before re-tightening his belt. I smiled too. He really was a genious.

My costume took a little less effort. I was pregnant. What would give me such an idea? From the moment I was married I have been teased at work by my boss. He's always wondering when I'm going to start having babies. At times I have had sore feet or felt feverish or cried because I simply needed a nap, and what is the first thing he assumes? "Kayla?" he says, "Are you pregnant?" All I can do is assure him that I'm not and try to change the subject before he can ask me why I'm not. It doesn't bother me too much.

One afternoon while home by myself I laid on my bed staring at a pile of pillows, and I got an idea. I stood slowly and walked to the purple pillow sitting atop the heap. Looking around the room like a guilty child I proceeded to cram the pillow beneath my undershirt, grateful no one was home to witness this sight. I was impressed at the way the micro-fiber pillow formed to fit so well, and best of all, it looked so smooth. No lumps. I really looked pregnant. I admired my profile, suddenly excited for Halloween. If my boss wanted me pregnant, that's what he'd get.

Convincing enough to make sixteen customers ask me when I was having my baby, I pulled off an entire day of work 'with-child'. Everyone had a good laugh, and I had fun making jokes about it. However, it was hard work. My back hurt from having to bend around my big tummy in ways I was not accustomed. My knees ached from hyperextending as I attempted to compensate for my back. I was hot from all the layers and I started to feel really fat. With my lightweight pillow tucked into my shirt, I began to feel to a small percent what real pregnant women live with all the time. I want to be a mom someday, but waiting for it just got a little bit easier.

This Halloween we continued our tradition of carving pumpkins with our buddy couple. Last year we made a mad cow, and not wanting to deter from the animal theme, Paul and I carved a penguin. I really like carving pumpkins with him because I get to have the experience of scraping out guts, designing a picture, and cutting into the big squash, but when I get tired of it, he can take over. Perfect arrangement.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday season where we can continue to create traditions that help me and Paul feel more like family. When I think of how I am his and he is mine and it will be that way forever I smile. If I ever need to go to Neverland, he is my happy thought.

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