Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cake a little on the Dark Side

With Fall's appearance and the holidays just around the corner my hands have been awfully itchy, which only means one thing: I need to bake! I recently ordered some decorating tools from Pampered Chef, using one of the last unused wedding gift certificates. Being a budding cake decorator I thought it was time I got my own set of icing bags and tips. I was ecstatic when they arrived but didn't use them right away. I always wait for a reason to bake cake so I'm not left to eat it all. When I found there were two October birthdays in the Sunday school class Paul and I teach, and when lotion wouldn't sooth the itching in my hands, I knew it was time to break out the cake mix and food coloring. Since Halloween is this week Jack-o-lanterns seemed to be a good design. How hard could that be?

(Click for a closer look. . . if you dare!)
I am not as gifted with a piping bag as I thought I would be. Clearly. So I only decorated three cupcakes with faces and the leftover nine had to settle for plain orange frosting. I seemed to be pretty good at a plain orange swirl thankfully. But I was tired of cup cakes and still had half of my cake batter. I poured it in my one round cake pan and tossed it in the oven.

Since I live at a high elevation I decided to try the high elevation settings on the box (trying to avoid this again). Because the cake was chocolate it didn't look burt, but it was. The edge was dry and crusty and tasted like the peice of cereal you find on an occasion that's completely black and you think to yourself, "Don't put that in your mouth!" and you do anyway only to regret it considering it tastes like something you'd pull out of the bottom of a grill. Yeah, it tasted mildly like that. And although I greased and floured the cake pan, it still got stuck and came out in two rather misshapen pieces. Much to my surprise, it was relatively flat and pretty on top.

That poor cake, that had already gone through so much in the oven and cooling rack, would become a test cake for all newly delivered decorating tips, bags, and ideas we'd been gathering. And we went to town.
Paul tried to use up all of the remaining frosting as creatively as he could, and I had some fun with it as well. We tried basket weaves, stars, writing, patterns, and were so proud of our festive creation we decided to try something else we've never done before: cinematography.


Director - Kayla

Writer - Kayla

(in order of appearance)
Paul - himself
Cake - itself

Voice Work - Kayla

Produced By - Paul

Original music by - John Williams

Editing - The Camera

Art Direction -Paul

Set Decoration - Kayla

Costume Design - (. . .)

Makeup Department - Kayla

Production Management -Paul

Second unit director -Paul

Sound department - Harvey the Laptop

Visual effects - Paul

Stunts - Paul

camera & electrical department - Kayla

casting department - Kayla

costume & wardrobe department - Paul

Music department - Kayla

Transportation - Paul



  1. Could that be a cake wreck??? ;-)

  2. Mother! This cake is too beautiful to be a wreck!!