Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeling berry odd.

If I had to introduce myself to strangers, regurgitating facts that no one would remember the next day, I begin with the most superficial like my name, my school, my major, my job, etc. There are certain things I wouldn’t tell people. They have to be around me to know them anyway. That’s why job interviews are so hard. You can tell a potential employer that you are smart and honest and that you are majoring in something seeming useless, but what does that really say about me anyway? That I’m no good at lying so I don’t bother, I can spew useless facts when you least want to hear them, and I don’t care to better society with these ever so important skills and am therefore self-serving. Great impression.

What couldn’t be learned about me in five minutes could be my most valuable characteristics. For instance, from an infinitesimal exposure to me you would never learn that I tend to tilt my head to the left when I’m relaxed or thinking. Such habit began in my ninth grade year when I decided that I needed a change in my life and began parting my hair on the opposite side of my head. However, this introduced a mop of hair to shield my vision which could be marginally avoided with the ever so slight tilt of my neck to the left. What a potential employer could learn from this is that I’m okay to make adjustments to adapt to new situations, and that I’m very habitual by nature. When I find what works I roll with it. Or they may just pick up that I hate having my hair stuck in my chapstick (which could be valuable information too. . . somehow).