Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Six months and loving it!

Sunday was my sixth month anniversary. It's gone by so fast and my gift to him was to give him the afternoon. I didn't blog or read or what ever I do on Sunday afternoons. I just stayed with him. In turn, he cleaned up the kitchen. . . twice! And he helped me cook dinner, and we watched our favorite BBC show. I like that I'm still crazy about that boy. I like how he still makes me smile and wipes my tears. I like how he worries over me when my car won't start.

Sometimes I take a nap on Sunday afternoons and he'll tuck me in. He'll claim he's not tired but will lay with me until I fall asleep. But he falls asleep too. I like sleeping with him. When my feet get cold I can rest them on his warm legs. His feet get cold too and he'll put them on my legs. I let him because he lets me. Lately, we've both had such cold feet so we freeze together. Being cold makes us a little hyper and we end up tickling each other or having pillow fights. He's fun to be with.

I like to text him silly things because he writes back silly things. He gets me through some hard days at work with just a text that says, "I love you." When I'm being too emotional and. . . dramatic (shocker) he is my rock and calms me back down. He seems to have this instinct that tells him when I need advice and when I just need cuddles. I'm thankful for that.

I love how he takes me to the temple. I get carsick from the drive but he never complains or scolds me for forgetting to take my Dramamine. He just holds my hand and drives as smoothly as possible for me. The Celestial room is always so quiet and peaceful, but I often have questions from the session. Paul's never bothered by my whispers and helps me understand. He knows a lot. I'm glad we got married at Timpanogos because each time we go back I think about that day. I just like this guy a whole lot!

I hope I never stop feeling this way. We've agreed to stay newly-weds forever.

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  1. Dramatic??? Did you mean "detail oriented"?

    Do your best to keep your newlywed promise. You will never regret the effort it will require.