Monday, December 12, 2011

Flash flood

I had a flash back today of my life one year ago when Andrea came to our family and stole our hearts as well as our sleep.  Her little voice talked happily on the monitor at three o'clock this morning, and my blood shot eyes stared at the ceiling for over a hour waiting for her to stop.  When the 'peeto peeto eeeee na do do do eh' finally subsided I waited for the sandman to send me back into my dreams.

But the morning came too soon, and I was ready for a nap before Andrea finished her breakfast.  Though I can physically muster through the exhaustion, I can't seem to keep my emotions in check.  This tearful tendency manifested itself today after I noticed something about my tree.  The bottom half of the purple light string was out.  I changed out the light bulbs, one by one, and having no success, shuffled into the bedroom completely defeated.

"Paul," my voiced cracked from the weight of my unshed tears.  I thought I was strong enough to hold them back but when I opened my mouth again a dam burst in my tear ducts and out came this:

"The lights onmytree they aren't workingand we arehavingpeople over onSundayand blubber blubber blubber incoherent mumblings itlooks so uglyandIwas soproud of it and everyone blubber blubber big sigh sniff eye rub."

After picking his jaw up off the floor-- oh, who am I kidding?  He was not surprised at all by my overly dramatic display.  He gave me a hug, told me no one would be paying any attention to my tree and not to worry.  That man is awesome.

I took his advice and distracted myself from the worry by playing with glitter.  It is impossible to feel depressed while playing with glitter.  True. Story.

Just after six o'clock the RC Willey man knocked on my door to deliver our new oven.  On Friday our old one died, or for those who think speaking of death to be bad luck, our old oven made the long journey to the land of rainbows.  :)  Our landlords spent the weekend shopping for a reasonable replacement.  And because I have this not-so-secret attachment to inanimate objects, I named the newest addition to our family Rhonda.

Though similar in color and overall layout, Rhonda is shiny, precise, but best of all, she works!  I can't wait to churn out some birthday baking this weekend. 

Though Andrea's birthday is tomorrow, we are having a party for her on Sunday when all of her grandparents can attend.  I have been cutting out snowflakes for days and so has whomever I've come in contact with (Tessa, Mom, Janell, Katie, etc.) in order to turn my apartment into a winter 'one'derland.  I'll let you know how things turn out.

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  1. Those snowflakes are amazing! My husband said they looked way awesome and I had to pop on to see if you have blogged about the party yet- low and behold you took pics of the snowflakes. GOOD JOB!