Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The line between

 Saturday is shopping day. I wake up to Andrea’s little squeals, feed her, make my menu for the next week, and then write up my shopping list. Often I employ my sweet husband to spend some one-on-one time with our daughter so I can have some much needed time alone as I shop. Last week was a little different. Wednesday rolled around and my stomach discovered that the groceries purchased on Saturday were not one week’s worth. I tried to eat away at food storage but by Friday I decided shopping one day early was not such a bad idea. So I ventured out of my dark basement into the warm sunshine.

As I left store number one I stumbled upon a disturbing scene. A young, scruffy-looking man stepped up to another man leaving the store and asked him for a light. The recipient of this question looked so offended and, in a condescending tone, informed the smoker that he was most certainly not one. I looked behind me to witness the scruffy man withdraw behind a trash can and bury his face into his hands. I got in my car and as I drove to store number two the scenario seemed imprinted in my mind. That crumpled man behind the trash can probably wanted to be anywhere but outside a grocery store begging for a light because he can’t afford to go inside and buy one. And he was treated so rudely.

This got me thinking. . . Where is the line between sharing our beliefs and being judgmental?

Then, my week progressed and more lines seemed to be coming to my attention. Where is the line between eating just enough and a little too much? Asking for help and being needy? Meeting a child’s needs and spoiling? Taking a break and wasting time? Being curious and being nosy? Dreaming of better and being ungrateful for what you have? Wanting love and wanting attention?

I saw so many lines that I overwhelmed myself trying to find answers. And honestly, I felt afraid like I was walking along a cliff blindfolded. Without knowing the exact line how does one keep from crossing it? Then it came to me, so simple and so obvious. We are giving the Holy Ghost to help us find the line and the atonement is for when we cross it. But. . . where is the line between our own thoughts and those of divinity?

My head hurts.

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