Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extra Extra!

Andrea News: Andrea had her 9 month check up yesterday.  Though she's still tiny (1.3% for weight) she finally has a little meat on her bones weighing in at 14.1 lbs and 27.3 inches long (49%). Since Paul has started his new crazy school schedule it's just Andrea and I Monday through Thursday, and this has made Andrea just a little clingy.  But in the rare moments that she decides to play on the floor without crying, she likes to roll and roll.  She's not crawling and I don't think she will start anytime soon. . . She doesn't seem interested at all.  She does, however, seem interested in moving about but gets frustrated when she can't.  I think if she ever decides to crawl it will improve her mood.

News from my kitchen: On Labor Day my aunt drove down from Salt Lake City to make enchiladas.  Yum!  To thank her for all the work she did I attempted to make a desert that went along with her theme.  Mexican candy is often a little spicy so I made a HOT chocolate cupcake spiced with cayenne, cinnamon buttercream, and topped with a red hot. 

However, having never made anything quite like this before I decided bite size cupcakes might be a good idea. . . especially since they were HOT.  This allowed everyone to taste without feeling obligated to consume copious amounts.  I couldn't help but doubt the success of these controversial cupcakes so I also made back ups.  Lemonade cupcakes with a raspberry center and topped with a light whipped cream cheese topping.  I so enjoy baking.  My dad's birthday is a week from today and I have big cupcake plans!

Other news:  I cut my hair off!  It was so long that I had to keep it tied back in a ponytail or Andrea would grab fistfuls and snatch me bald.  The ponytails gave me headaches because of the weight of my hair.  I've been wanting to chop it off for months, but it seemed every time I saved up a little money to do so some emergency required it.  Finally, Paul just told me to do it.


My head feels so light and free.  I got to donate the hair I cut off too.  The ends were pretty scraggly so I'm not sure how much they can salvage, but hopefully it helps someone.

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