Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yet another blog written late on a hot Saturday night:
I don't feel like writing about myself at the moment.  I'm just too boring.  So, I'm going to write about you.  That's right, YOU, my dear reader.

You are a special human being with such potential.  Your smile, well, just look at it!  It lights up a room.  Don't forget to smile often and laugh out loud.  You have amazing hair.  Go ahead, run your fingers though it and say aloud how attractive it is.  Because it is.  And it compliments your eyebrows perfectly.  Those eyebrows that look so balanced on your well-proportioned face.  Your eyes, unique to you and the windows to your soul give you dimension and help you connect with others on equal ground.  What a nice quality!  Your eyes are understanding, yet firm when it's needed.  They communicate a point so perfectly that words aren't always needed.

Your words.  I don't want to discredit those in any way.  They are powerful too.  I can be feeling sad and it only takes a couple from you, either spoken, written, or typed to perk me back up.  I know there are others you are reaching out to verbally who appreciate the concern and attention.  Way to go!

Stop for a moment and listen to the noises around you.  Hear that?  You heard it so masterfully.  Whether it's the sound of nothing or the squawks of my ramblings you are very good at hearing them.  When the microwave beeps or a dog barks you should feel proud of how well did hearing.  Because you are a good hearer.

Sniff.  Just do it.  Sniff.  See how capable you are of sniffing.  This is yet another skill that you seem to have down.   Think about all those times you had a cold and there were no tissues in sight.  Sniff.  Think about when you felt so emaciated by lack of food and smelled something scrumptious outside a restaurant.  Sniff.  Think about that time when you sat by that guy with really hairy arms and an incurable case of B.O.?  Sniff.  Your amazing little nose did all that sniffing.  How I wish I could sniff like you.

And your skills at getting dressed are most superb as well.  I bet you've never showed up to a public place unintentionally and completely naked.  This is because you have a well-developed knack for putting on a shirt and pants to cover you from perverted old men with "missing" dogs, police officers with ready available citations, and to protect you from the weather elements.  Bravo!  You just keep doing your thang!

The way you hold your fork is something to be proud of.  It's so comfortable in your hand and scoops and stabs just as it should, being the perfect aid for food consumption.  And you hold it so well.  Don't let the way others are holding theirs get you down.  You got a good thing going on!

I know you have days where you feel worn out.  Each new trial bears down and you don't feel like you have the best qualifications for the task at hand.  You do.  I believe in you.  You have so much to give and share.  Just don't ever forget that.

I hope your week is splendid because you are splendid.

Lots of love,


  1. And you are splendid, too!!!!!

  2. hmmm, I am pretty good at holding a fork.