Sunday, July 25, 2010

A few little updates

This is the spot where Paul asked me to marry him two years ago today.  Temple Square was chaos filled with high-healed women toting around men in ties, desperate in their attempts to snatch some prime seats for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert.  Paul walked me all around in front of the temple searching for a place where we wouldn't be surrounded by people for his big moment.  Just beyond the reflecting pool on a shaded path he got down on one knee and I hugged him and said yes and he picked me up and twirled me around as I'm sure someone stared at the little scene unfolding.

We had the opportunity to go to another Pioneer Day Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert this year, and we decide we should take advantage of the timing.  This could be our last concert for a while.  We strolled along those familiar paths and reminisced holding hands and profusely sweating from the unbearable July heat.  It's strange to think that when the baby arrives we'll no longer be able to spontaneously go to a concert or mission reunion in Salt Lake City.  That's okay with me.  Paul and I aren't spontaneous very often, but I never realized what a luxury that can be in those rare moments.

My baby is quite the little wiggle worm lately.  The movements are getting stronger and more frequent.  The baby especially hates when I lay on my stomach and protests as much as it's tiny space allows.  This morning I was laying on my tummy with my butt slightly propped up in the air so as to not bother the little one.  Paul saw me and said, "Hey, don't squish my baby."  I laughed!  It's his baby now.  I'm glad it's starting to sink in for him that he's going to be a daddy.  I tried to let Paul feel some kicks a couple days ago, but without being able to experience the inside activity, feeling the outside manifestations is still a challenge.  Soon, hopefully, he'll get the opportunity.

Yesterday a little surprise arrived!
My new rocking chair that women in my family pitched in to buy for me and my little cantaloupe!

We put it together last night and I sat and rocked and relaxed and imagined and smiled and hesitantly shared and got jealous because his turn was a little too long. . .  And I asked him to take pictures of my first moments in that beautiful chair with my substitute baby.  He took a video instead.

Tomorrow is the big ULTRASOUND! Pray the baby cooperates so we can find out the gender.

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  1. He was smart to propose on Pioneer Day, it makes it easier to remember. I don't remember what day Chad proposed, I just know it was at the end of August.

    I'm guessing it's a girl.