Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes, I am angry customer

Dear BYU,
I'm writing in behalf of oppressed former students, current students, and future students everywhere.

BYU has been a school of no small reputation for some obscure number of years.  "The Lord's School," "The Y," and "The school where the smart people go" are among the various names it's been called.  From birth, offspring of Utah valley residents are exposed to the 'boy meets girl' stories and other such propaganda that has originated from the SWKT, the JFSB, the ASB, and a host of other buildings no longer honored for amazing men whose name they once bore, but for the letters and acronyms to which they've been denounced.

Young girls grow up and dream of the day where they graduate with an MRS and the possibility of a little something in the oven.  Young men anticipate the status and prestige of attending a school where admittance is stereotyped for the most intelligent and highest ranked of graduating high schoolers.

BYU was where I, too, dreamed of meeting a handsome returned missionary, graduating with bachelors, and learning the skills required to be a successful human being in the sight of the world.  During high school I enrolled in many advance placement classes, got ridiculously good grades, and spent days writing a half page essay for my application.   My acceptance letter arrived the day after Christmas.  All my dreams were about to come true.  Or so I thought.

The ride to BYU was a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. . . but mostly downs.  From my experiences I feel I've become wiser a little less optimistic about life.

I also am full of suggestions-- suggestions that I think would be valuable to your great institution.

First, when a young hopeful applies to your vast institution allow them to attend the semester they originally applied.  I understand you must receive thousand of applications, but when you make a mistake such as accepting a student for a semester they did not apply for, forcing them to delay their college experience as well as the date they graduate, and then fail to tell them a mistake had been made regarding the year of that semester as well only to write that student off as a no show because they were still in high school naively assuming that all was normal with their BYU status, you should fix the problem straight away instead of telling them to start over and reapply.

Secondly, you should NOT assume that every student enrolled is attending a BYU ward.  Really important policy changes or reminders or announcements should be e-mailed out to all students and not just announced over the pulpits to BYU student congregations.  That way students living at home can still be informed of really important policy changes so they won't be punished when they neglect to fill out a paper they were never told about.  Ever.

Lastly, when a student has to take a year off school because of a difficult financial situation and it trying to reapply, you should not loose their ecclesiastical endorsement three times!  And!  You should also update your website so students are linked to the correct paperwork for the a fore mentioned application so they don't have to repeat that painful process a trillion times.

That's all I really wanted to say. . .

Thanks for your time.


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  1. That was subtle. Why not say what you are really thinking????