Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

On Monday Kayla got a new toy. . .
And she's decided to start up a business. . .

(For whatever reason, this picture won't upload right side up. Forgive me. Tilt your head to read.)

Every customer is treated with care.  Our salon is not just a salon.  Many of our customers say "it feels just like home."  It can also double as a kitchen so you  have the luxury of snacking while your hair is being molded into a custom masterpiece.
Price for snacks vary according to quantity consumed.
(We are not responsible for any hair that you may or may not find in your food.  It's probably your own anyway.)

We offer a great variety of cuts that you can have customized to fit your individual style!  Some of our favorites include:

Ear Round, which we offer Year Round!  How about that?  When you just need a little work done around those awkward ears to keep you looking sharp, this is a perfect cut!
Price: $4.67

Ear Round Extended.  For those with exceptional ears who want to make a statement.
Price: $12.90

Jail Bars.  What better way to have fashion in prison than by sporting these bar-like stripes!
Price: $23.42

The Flat Faux-Hawk.  All the fun of the Hawk with out the chill of baldness on the sides.  And for those with lack of hygiene we leave out any hair product so you can go days without showers and still maintain that 'non-greasy' look. ('Non-greasy' results may vary.)
Price: $51.94

(Side view of the Flat Faux-Hawk)

For those with expensive tastes, try out Spiked Faux-Hawk!  It screams, "Rock on!"  We can load this baby up with as much or as little hair product as you desire because you pay for the product by the ounce!
Price: $51.94 + $6.78 per ounce

(Front view of the Spiked Faux-Hawk)

One of our most popular cuts, the Fonytail.  For men or women who can't get the length for a real pony we offer the opportunity to fake it.  With the Fonytail you'll have coworkers and strangers in the grocery store commenting on the beauty of those luscious locks.  Won't they be shocked to find out it's not real!
Price: $65.23

(Rear view of Fonytail)

Most importantly, we can keep the hair we've cut off and save it in case of future hair loss.  We offer the best quality hair plugs, extensions, and toupees because we actually use your own hair!  Preserved in a freezer that maintains a temperature of 3 degrees below zero, your hair will look just as fresh when restored to your balding scalp as it did before it ever came off.
Price: $102.11 + $32.92 fee for every year stored

Our customers leave happy and satisfied every time!

Come on down and see what we can do for your hair, because we believe on every head there's a masterpiece waiting to happen!
(Prices may vary by location.)


  1. Oh My! I think I will have to stick with my current stylist.

  2. I know a person or two I'd like to send to your salon. :-D