Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sarcasm by any other name

 I know that babies may be a subject I visit often in my mind and on the occasion I might leak a comment about those beautiful little darlings, but I assure you today's post didn't originate from my own mind.  It was brought up by cjane and the slew of comments that followed her blog about naming the child brewing in her tummy.

Maybe I'm a little old fashion but I don't understand this trend of child-abuse names.  Corbinien, Talullah, Shaifali, Romy, Kalylah Sephi Lynn, Rye-Elle Kai, Feira Madelynn, and Sauno Albert Nelson were just a few that people mentioned as having actually used in child naming.  Frightful, I know.

One woman wrote, "My oldest is 9 & her name is Sloan (it was my maiden name) Since things didn't work out with her dad she ended up with the name Sloan Sloan. Yes I always get the double take. She is okay with her name."  Let's hope she gets married to a man whose last name isn't Sloan. 

I guess what disturbs me the most was the general consensus that a mother has a right to name her baby what ever she wants because it's hers. Her creation. Her offspring that she sweated and grunted and screamed and pushed to bring into the world.

Part of this is true.  The baby is her child technically.  Same DNA.  She also has the ability to name it whatever she chooses.  She will have to say it over and over again.  But just because she can doesn't mean she should.  What none of these mothers posting on that blog seemed concerned about was the child.  The general attitude was: the child will grow into the name because they will be stuck with it, and children are resilient.

People!  It's not just about you.  Please consider how your child may feel being named after a fruit or a gun or something completely made up all together like Rogaletta or Chastify or Brunez.  I'm not suggesting we name every child Ashley and Jason, but perhaps when picking baby names we should think about more than trying to give a child a name no one else on the planet has (or wants).

Rant over.

Blog entry over.

I need to go discuss with my husband the possibility of naming a daughter Princess Contessa or Beluga Whale.  Tease-proof and I like them.  That's all that matters, right ladies?

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  1. Nice rant! ...and I couldn't agree more. Naming should be one of the first of many selfless parental acts. Weird naming should be practiced on pets and pillows ;-)