Monday, January 7, 2013

That pregnant moment

Being pregnant is an extraordinary experience.  There are so many sensations that one rarely, if ever, feels in non-pregnant life.  Sometimes I wish Paul could experience some of these feelings if not to sympathize more enthusiastically, but to not miss these moments that only a woman can comprehend.  Teenagers (and I suppose some adults too) have latched on to an internet phenomenon called “that awkward moment. . .”  I’d like to begin my own phenomenon here on my lowly blog called “that pregnant moment. . .”  I’ve recorded a few in the last four months.

That pregnant moment when you find yourself crying while watching Piglet’s Big Movie.

That pregnant moment when you’re driving and glancing nervously around the car wondering where you might throw up should the urge become too overwhelming.

That pregnant moment when you’re at the OBGYN with your husband trying to explain the purpose of that lamp beside the exam table.  (You should have seen his face when told him.  It sent us both into fits of laughter.)

That pregnant moment when the smell of your husband’s breath keeps you up at night (even when he’s brushed his teeth).

That pregnant moment when trying not to pee yourself while unlocking the front door nearly becomes mission impossible.

That pregnant moment when you bring up the size of your uterus at a family dinner.

That pregnant moment when your daughter tries to imitate the sounds of your teeth-brushing gags.

I think that’s probably a good start.  I’ll add more as occasions arise.  In the mean time, school starts today and while I’m excited for the learning, I find going through school as a mother much less fulfilling.  It seems so unimportant when Andrea is at home playing with her stuffed animals and having every mommy ducky “stay home with Annie ducky.”  Hopefully, I can stay motivated this semester and not fall behind.

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