Sunday, December 30, 2012


It has been snowing for days.  People are complaining on facebook and at the FedEx store.  But I love it.  The past few winters brought but a little snow and most of the cold months were dry and bitter and brown.  Being outside was depressing; being inside was more so.

This year is different.  White blankets of dusty flakes have descended from the heavens and muffled the typical noise of bustling human life. The cold is wet, energizing, and romantic. The sky is bright and reflective.  Between the glittering crystals covering the ground and the heavy clouds hiding the stars, there is a pool of light that remains illuminated even after the sun has gone down.  When I venture into this world so reminiscent of fairytale lands, Andrea often follows shuffling behind me in her purple boots.  She stops intermittently to search for the source of the snow but struggles to keep her eyes open as winter tickles and kisses her rosy cheeks.  I catch myself staring at her curiosity and unapologetic passion for this white world I brought her into two years ago.

The snow has brought back all of the energy this semester/trimester have drained from me.  I feel like sewing, baking, singing, shoveling, and drinking warm things.  I love bundling in layers of shirts, scarves, wool socks, coats, hats, and gloves so I can enjoy the beauty around me in a cocoon of warmth.  I don't mind the puddles by the front door from wet boots and dripping coats.  When she doesn't protest, I even enjoy dressing Andrea is her sweet Elmo coat and trying to get only one digit into the thumb of her mittens.

How I'll miss the white roads and frosted trees with the sun once again warms the earth to reveal dead grass and empty branches.

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