Monday, April 16, 2012

The season of sick

Sorry I haven't written in a while.  I have not been feeling well.  Easter morning Paul woke up feverish and coughing up vital organs.  I remember asking him not to be dramatic, to which he responded, "I wish you knew how I felt right now."  The next day I started to cough too and by the late evening I was running a fever which lasted almost three days.  While Paul and I coughed and choked and sputtered and grasped our ribs in pain we prayed that Andrea would be spared from this ailment.  Wednesday morning I retrieved my daughter from her bed and she was hotter than a firecracker.

The three of us were a wreck. Most of the day was spent watching Yo Gabba Gabba (Andrea's favorite show) because it was the only thing that seemed to distract her from her pain.  And I didn't have the energy to do anything but sit beside her.  By evening my fever finally subsided, so I went down to the local health food store and bought some essential oils.  I bathed my mini sickie and massaged her feet with the oils.  I laid her in bed and prepared myself a soft place on the couch in case I spent the night there holding her crying, feverish body.

She slept THIRTEEN HOURS!  Thirteen beautiful, uninterrupted hours.  And when she woke up, her fever was gone.  I feel like she had angels watching over her sick body that night because the healing that took place was nothing but miraculous.  Paul and I are still coughing a week later, but my sweet baby is normal and happy as a lark.

I know Heavenly Father doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we want, but I'm so grateful He answered our prayers for Andrea Wednesday night.

Other Rowberry news:  About a month ago I got a flyer in the mail advertizing community college classes.  I begged Paul to let me take one and, without hesitation, he agreed.  Next week I start my first class and I'm SOOOO EXCITED!  Putting school on hold was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.  This community class reminds me that I don't have to stop learning when I'm not enrolled in a major university. 10 more days!!

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