Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her and her big mouth

Today I sat and marveled at my tiny little girl with the big mouth.  My mother-in-law told me the first thing she notice about Andrea as she took her first breaths and wailed to be back in the dark and warmth of my womb was her big nursing mouth.  She was right too.  Her mouth mastered nursing quick and the corners soon began their treks up into her dimpled cheeks as she impressed us with her large toothless grins.

And then at 2 1/2 months two little teeth began to prematurely press their way to the surface, and I, the first time mom, found myself at Walgreen's talking with a pharmacist about natural pain relief options at ten o'clock at night.

On Sundays we would doll her up in colorful dresses and haul her to church.  She'd sit on our lab and drool on her clothes until the opening hymn would play and send her into a fit of humming.  She'd hum and hum out of key until the music stopped, and she'd resume when the next song began.

And Paul and I marveled.

The around three months she discovered her hands as well as her talent of putting her whole fist into that big, beautiful mouth.  I gave her teething toys and pacifiers to suck on, but nothing could compete with her own 10 fingers.  She soon noticed others had fingers and hands that tasted just as good, if not better.  And she became The Vampire.

Her big mouth blew bubbles, licked rattles, squeaked, squealed, cried, and giggled so well, and I couldn't help but be impressed at every action.  

Then at five months and two days she demonstrated just how talented that little big mouth was.

"Ma ma ma"
And Paul and I marveled yet again.

Now, I know she's not really saying my name.  It's just her first real consonant.  Everything is "ma ma" right now.  But, I am happy and hoping this grows into a first word in the next few months. :)

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