Sunday, February 13, 2011

Warning: sap ahead!

Dear Paul,
Will you be my valentine?  I know I don't shower as much as I use to and my hair is rarely fixed these days, but I promise to get all gussied up for you if you'll be mine.  I'll make you some homemade fudge and cook yummy food for your belly.  I might even get a babysitter and let you take me to Texas Roadhouse for supper.  I know, I'm too good to be true. ;)

I awoke at about three this morning just thinking about you.  As I nursed the child you gave me I made a mental list of all the things I love about being married to you.
  1. I love our long drives to the airport listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire.  I love that you sing along when you don't know the lyrics and the pretend words you insert every-so-often.
  2. I love when you roll over to my side of the bed and elbow me in the eye.  No, this is not sarcasm. The fact the you are asleep beside me is wonderful and I'd give up an eye for it any day.
  3. When I come back to the bed from feeding Andrea, your arm reaching for my side of the bed makes me smile.
  4. The concoctions you've cooked up have at times frightened me (peanut butter and jelly with Tabasco?), but I'm grateful for your ability to feed yourself when Andrea, fatigue, American Idol, other obligations keep me from the kitchen.  You've been incredibly flexible and understanding.
  5. I love that you aren't afraid to ask me to edit your papers for school.  I really enjoy editing and being helpful.  It fulfills something deep inside me.
  6. I love when you match your tie to whatever I'm wearing.
  7. There is an indescribable joy that fills my soul watching you play with and take care of our daughter.  She smiled at you all through Sacrament Meeting whilst I melted in the pew.  What a cutie!
  8. In your first waking moments early in the morning you mumble in Spanish.  I don't know what your saying but it hasn't ceased to entertain me.
  9. I love this ring on my finger that you picked out yourself.  It's simple, beautiful, and means that I belong with you for eternity.
  10. I use to believe I'd never get married.  I didn't think I was thin enough, talented enough, or interesting enough to ever be attractive.  But you saw past my well-endowed rump and old-lady arms and decided that I was the woman you wanted marry.  You have loved me for better or worse.  From morning breath to morning sickness.  Your faith in me is priceless.  You are everything I hoped I'd find plus three cubed.
 I love you lots and hope to be your Valentine everyday!  No roses or chocolate required. . . although I do like chocolate.

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