Wednesday, August 11, 2010


4:48 A.M.  I've been up since before three.  And although I can't quite pinpoint why it is that I've caught a sudden case of the wide-awakies, I think it has something to do with babies.

My sister-in-law had her baby on Monday.  He was delivered via c-section so he came out looking lovely and plump instead of cone-headed and wrinkled like the vaginally born.  His parents are so enthralled with him they have a case of the wide-awakies too.  Or it could be a case of the baby-needs-feed-every-two-hours-itis.  But they aren't doing a lot of sleeping and it could be that my unusual alertness is out of sympathy.

It could also be attributed to my insatiable hunger.  I'm trying so hard to watch what I eat and keep my pregnancy weight gain at a healthy rate.  I spend a lot of time chewing gum and tricking myself into not consuming someones pet dog.  Actually, any animal in close proximity will do, with garlic and butter. . . But tonight I've been battling hunger pains since 3:30ish and my avoidance of eating in the middle of the night has spurred my first trimester nausea.  So, I just ate a bowl of Kix which will satisfy me for about sixteen and a half minutes.

5:00. . . Well, writing hasn't made me tired.

It could be my little girl keeping me up.  I started noticing at about, oh, 2:57 that she was moving up a storm.  I wonder what mischief she's getting into because she was very active all day and now all night.  I've read all the baby literature that says unborn babies sleep as much as newborns.  This is either a lie, or I'm bracing myself for a baby with the wide-awakies for Christmas.  Or!  Perhaps she's excited that we've picked out her name.  I should play some Josh Groban into my belly to lull her into dream land.

5:06.  My stomach aches.  She must be having a growth spurt.  I laid a pillow under my belly to keep it propped up at a relatively comfy position but it didn't seem to stop the aching.  Paul rolled over onto the pillow and rendered it inaccessible when I needed to switch to my other side.  I miss sleeping on my tummy, it's true.  I've been a tummy sleeper forever.  If we slept in the pre-existence I was on my tummy with my face nestled in a pillow exposing just one nostril to breath through.  It's the best way to sleep.

5:15.  I'm hungry again.  Go figure.

5:22  Listening to this.  It's helping.  I think I'll go lay down and try to doze.  I've got about an hour before my alarm goes off.

Night night.

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