Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inside out storms

The storms have rolled into city.  Thunder and lightning have boomed and flashed for days now.  The gray of the skies have cooled the earth below, and Paul and I have retired out A/C until further notice.  Last night we turned out the lights and laid on our backs nestled atop our comfy bed.  We watched the lightning striking outside our window and we counted seconds until the thunder.  The periods of silence grew longer and we knew the storm was moving away only to make room for a new one.  Paul said it storms like this a lot in Washington, minus the thunder and lightning.  But that's my favorite part, that and turning off the expensive A/C (it only cools one room anyway).

The baby has been docile.  Her squirms and wiggles have been so hesitant since the storm arose.  I woke her up yesterday to see if she still liked me at all.  She kicked high in the womb softly and I knew she was right where she likes to be-- upside down with her little bum tucked beneath my belly button.  It wasn't until the dark evening of cuddling and storm watching that she started moving around with some regularity again.  She loves her daddy.  He put his hand on my stomach and she kicked it like she always does.  It's like she's magnetically drawn to him.  I could sit with my hand on my belly for some time and she'll do nothing, but as soon as her daddy puts his hand over her she puts on a show.  Her kicks are getting stronger and last night her daddy finally felt them.

 My arms physically ache to hold her.  I imagine this sensation only grows stronger the closer you get to delivery.

I feel like storms are rolling in my head.  Swirling incoherent thoughts and questions, so many questions that no one can answer.  What will be her name?  What will she look like?  What temperament will she have?  Will she like me?  Will she continue to grow and be healthy?  What struggles will she face?  How can I prepare her for those struggles?

Time will tell.  Time and a little inspiration.


  1. Isn't it funny how different the rain makes everything feel in the last few days?

  2. oh my gosh kayla - just wait - i'm in agony waiting. every minute feels like a million years and when he moves i can feel it from my spine and from my hips to my boobs. he's still really active. sometimes he sticks his little feet up. :) i'm officially at my due date. Where is he?? i am in so much anticipation. if it weren't for my fetal doppler i would have lost my mind by now. but the bright side is he HAS to come out this week.. :)