Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Annie, Bear, and pixie dust

For Halloween this year Annie requested to be a cat again. When I shot down that idea she decided Tinkerbell would be a better option.  I'm telling you, the child must be inspired.  Beside her matching blond hair and blue eyes, Annie's personality is scarily similar to the hot headed pixie. I purchased a dress from the store, knowing full well I was a little too bogged down for a sewing project. But a green dress does not a Tinkerbell make. Annie needed the quintessential bun. Unfortunately, the three year old has less hair than some newborns. I had to figure out a way to clip one onto her head or something. Then I saw a crocheted hat on Pinterest that looked like cabbage patch kid hair.

(Picture from https://www.etsy.com/listing/104446678/cabbage-patch-kid-inspired-hat-crochet)
Perfect! If they could make hair out of yarn, so could I.  I called up the crochet wizard, Aunt Julie, who sat in my living room on a sunny afternoon and whipped up a little yellow hat. I looped strands of matching yarn into the holes in the front of the hat and tied them together to make bangs.  After I trimmed the excess ends, I cut the toe off a holey sock I found in Paul's dresser and rolled it into a sock bun. I wrapped the bun in more of the yellow yarn and glued it on top of the hat.  I added a couple bells so Annie would jingle as she skipped from house to house gathering cavity candy obesity bombs Halloween goodies from neighbors.

I think it turned out pretty good, but most importantly, Annie LOVED it.  She wanted to wear it constantly. I've had to hide it just to insure it doesn't get ruined before Halloween.

For her shoes we used a pair of silver flats she already owned.  She was pretty upset they weren't green like Tinkerbell's, but when I added the white pom pom glued to a hair elastic she forgave me.

I did have to put a little duct tape to the bottom of her shoes to keep the elastic from slipping off, but once it was firmly adhered we didn't have any problems with the pom poms. Annie even wore them to church.

This little girl is pretty thrilled with the end result. So is Bear.

Now I just need to find where I hid her Halloween bucket. . . Mom of the year.

I hope your Halloween is magical!


  1. Annie told me she was going to be Tinkerbell and that she would have wings and do magic but that THIS YEAR she decided that she wasn't going to fly. I love that kid!

  2. My great niece has leukemia and has lost her hair for the second time due to very aggressive chemo treatments she loves these little wigs she has Elsa and Anna I would love for her to have Tink is it possible to order one from you? Thanks

    1. I don't really make the wigs to order, but I might be interested in donating a Tinkerbell wig to your great niece. If you'd like to discuss it further, feel free to email me at kaylarowberry (at) gmail.com.