Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Andrea says. . .

I am so amazed by some of the things that spew out of my two year old's mouth.  This month has produced these little gems:

Andrea: [After kissing Paul goodbye in the morning] No!  Daddy doesn't want a kiss from you!

Andrea: [After pulling up in front of our house] No!  I don't want to live here anymore!  Grandma's house!!!

Andrea: I need to go talk to Daddy.  No, Mommy!  Don't come.  I need to do it myself.  DADDY!  I made three plops! (Plop is the sound poop makes, fyi.)

Andrea: Mom?  What nice thing should I say it of?
Me: What?
Andrea: What nice thing should I say it of?
Me: What does that mean?
Andrea: What nice thing should I say it of?
(I finally figured out she was asking how to say something in a nice way.  We need to work on her grammar. . . . .)

Andrea: Mom! I have a booger!
Me: A booger? Do you need a tissue?
Andrea: No, don't worry. I ate it.
Me: Oh! We're not suppose to eat boogers. They are for tissues.
Andrea: But I liked it!

Andrea: [After following me to bathroom during the early stages of her potty training] You can do it, Mommy.  Be brave.  I hold your hands while you make pee pees because I'm a superhero.
Me: Thanks, but Mommy isn't afraid to put her pee pees in the potty.  Using the potty is fun!
Andrea:  No, it's not fun!  It's scary!  Give me your hands.
(She's finally stopped making me hold her hands every time I use the restroom.)

Andrea: I need something else with my cheese. (Translation: I have no intention of eating this cheese.  Bring me something else)
Me: No, please eat your cheese first.
Andrea: But, it's been sitting a little while.  It's kinda hard.  I go throw it in the trash.
Me: No!  It's fine.  Step away from the trash can.

Andrea: Mommy, you taking your mighty-yums? (Translation: mighty-yums=vitamins)
Me: [As I pour a spoonful of fish oil] Yup.
Andrea: What's that mighty-yum?
Me: It's fish oil.
Andrea: Fish oil?  Fish oil helps baby Sam be smart like me?
Me: Yes, it's helps his brain grow.
Andrea: My head has oil all over inside.  So much oil, want to see?

It's so hard not to just laugh at her all the time, especially when she's completely serious.

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