Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is kind of a lame post.  I apologize.  I wrote a blog entry earlier this week about specific events in my life that have taken place recently, but I am not quite ready to make those thoughts public so. . . .  Here's some little snap shots of my life from the past few months that I have not written about but wanted to mention.

Here's little Andrea eating lunch with mommy.  I've been trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet since I've noticed I eat a disproportional amount of fruit.  Here's my very lettuce-y sandwich that was the size of my two year old's head.  Andrea loves to name the veggies I eat and even touch them, but I still have trouble getting them into her unless they are disguised in a smoothie.

Andrea loves to watch her Aunt Nell give my parents' dog, Maisie, a bath.  A while back Aunt Nell gave Andrea a little white dog that looks just like Maisie, and I caught Andrea giving her "little May-May" a bath in her play kitchen.  So cute!  She's so imaginative and creative with her play.  I often see her imitating me or others, but she also comes up with some pretty wild ideas.  Recently she's been running around the house the a hanger she calls a "dinosaur hanger."  It growls and chases monkeys.

At the end of January we put Andrea in a big girl bed.  I thought this would be a difficult process, but this little girl surprised me by climbing right in and staying all night. When nap time came the next day I anticipated resistance but was mistaken again. She's been nothing but in love with this bed, claiming it's "'pecial because daddy gave it to me."  Thank you, Andrea, for doing one thing with out traumatizing amounts of resistance.  Let's hope potty training in the near future goes this smooth. (I'm not going to hold my breath.)

This last week Andrea had the worst flu of her life thus far.  She spent two days with a fever and the pukes. Poor thing couldn't keep down water.  Watching my daughter go through pain and discomfort is probably the hardest part about being a mom.  On the second day of the flu, Andrea kept begging me to make the pukies go away.  It was so hard to not cry as I told her I couldn't.  Thankfully, forty-eight hours was all it lasted, and after some trailing days of general crankiness she's back to her sweet self.

Three weeks ago I decided to give Andrea a little hair cut.  Her hair was getting so long in the front that it was always in her eyes and full of food.  Because she typically refuses to wear a little ponytail or clip, I thought giving her some bangs would be the best solution.  On a Sunday morning I sat her on the counter in the bathroom and made the first snip.  She looked over in the mirror and burst into tears.  She held her hands over her face so I wouldn't do it again.  Paul had to come hold her hands down so I could finish the deed.  She was so upset she cried until she vomited.  Neither of us understood her reaction but tried to calm her.  The next day Andrea was asking me in a very worried tone if she still had long hair.  She insisted that she wanted long hair like mommy.  Suddenly, everything made sense.  The week before she had witnessed Paul getting his hair buzzed by yours truly, and she thought I was going to cut all of her hair off too so she wouldn't look like mommy anymore.  I felt terrible that the event scared her so much, but was a little touched that she wanted to be like me.  Funny girl.  (Btw: Now that she has little bangs she's actually started wearing bows occasionally.  Go figure.)

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