Saturday, May 26, 2012

To pin

I finally did it.  I joined Pinterest.  My initially aversion to the site due to some unrighteous and covetous thoughts proved to be great motivation for self-improvement.  It began with gratitude lists, which I did find helpful for a while, but my journal entries became less frequent until the beginning of May when they pretty much stopped altogether.  But the beginning of May brought a new job for Paul and with the new job came a decision.  To move or not to move. . .?  After sifting through KSL and craigslist for apartments closer to Paul's new job in Salt Lake, I came to two conclusions.  The first was commuting was more affordable than relocating up there.  The second is how amazingly blessed we are to have the apartment that we have.  What we can afford in SLC would cost us the convenience of a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, some major square footage, and we'd be much further from family.

Have I mentioned how blessed we are here? 

The feeling of gratitude that began three weeks ago seems to have pressed on throughout the month and given me the courage I need to test my resolution with a site full of beautiful pictures.  I also finished my interior design class and am full of ideas.  Some require money which we just don't have, but others require some simple rearranging and perhaps a little furniture painting.  And maybe someday Pinterest will help me assemble some ideas for such projects. 

But for now, it's mostly just showing me pictures of men's clothing.

When I signed up for Pinterest the site asked me about some of my hobbies and interests.  Based off that information, I was automatically given 50 random people to follow.  I guess they didn't want to my homepage to be pictureless.  From the information I supplied, I believe Pinterest has determined that I am a gay man, because from day one my homepage was completely flooded with men's clothing.  Oddly enough, I didn't even select fashion as an interest.  So my first few days on Pinterest have mostly been about unfollowing the fashion boards of my gay interior-designing "friends" because I have no need see pins about Tommy Hilfiger blazers and Sperry Top-Sider plaid washed canvas boat shoes.

I'm finally starting to see some recipes. . . thank heavens.


  1. what's your username? Mine is lindastrawberry - I never bother to look at the things i'm following. I just use the search. I have a few boards there. I just use it for dream boards. I know I won't get to half of the things I daydream about. :)