Friday, November 11, 2011

Feeling a little gimpy

I almost didn't marry Paul all those years ago when he asked for my hand.

I'd like to think I have a little art in my bones.  I've been drawing for years; I've dabbled in ceramic sculpture, cakes, digital art, photo manipulation, music, web design, sewing, etc.  I never found myself particularly talented at any given medium.  Rather, I was mediocre or fair at most of them.  But I hunger for the creative process.  My fingertips tingle and itch when they anticipate meticulous use.  My eyes catch glimpses of hidden details and flaws that my itching hands can influence, maneuver, and direct.

My mother's computer, conveniently equipped with Photoshop, made a few of these euphoric adventures possible.  Marrying Paul and moving out would mean no more Photoshop.  Could all of his love and affection fill the hole in my heart left by that blessed program?  Unsure but optimistic, I took a chance and accepted his proposal.  While marriage came with a tight budget, it also came with new art forms.  Many of my fears were laid to rest.  But on dark and stormy nights, my heart still longed for Photoshop. . .

Until this week!  No, I did not deny my family a month of groceries to purchase Photoshop.  I downloaded a free version called GIMP.  While it crashes easily and is a little glitchy, I'm just so ecstatic to have something!  My life is now complete.


  1. In terms of freeware Gimp is an excellent program.

    Are you working with gimp on your computer or Paul's? If you are trying to use it with your laptop you are gonna be frustrated. Programs like Gimp and Photoshop are memory hogs. Your slow little lappy probably can't handle it which is why it crashes.

    A little more Ram and a fresh install of your OS will make everything run on your computer more stable. Just sayin'.

    And I would have let you install my copy of Photoshop if you had every asked, heck iss you had ever asked if I knew any freeware alternatives for for Photoshop I could have told you about Gimp.

  2. I didn't know I should ask because I never imagined anything like this existed. And I thought your photoshop had already been installed on it's max number of computers. I do need to reinstall my OS because I finally bought a beefy flash drive that I've backed up my files on but I don't exactly know how and I keep forgetting to ask Paul.

  3. *gasp* now i have some motivation to get some pictures up on my wall :) I LOVE photoshop, but gimp will do, thanks for the tip!