Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They said life would never be the same. . .

And I didn't believe them, but they were right.  Andrea has started crawling.  Last week she took her first crawls at my parents house while Paul and I were at the temple.  Because I believe my parents to be honest people I had to trust they were telling the truth, but I was sad I didn't get to witness the first for myself.  This inspired an official Andrea watch and carrying the camera with us everywhere.  If she were to repeat this crawling feat, I was going to capture it.  After a little bating I did.

She's turned into my little shadow.  I'll quietly slip out of the room to use the facilities and soon I hear little giggles closing in on me.

For the first nine months of her life Andrea was so stationary.  If you laid her on her stomach she could flip over, but she never rolled back.  She didn't roll 360 degrees, she didn't scoot, she didn't sit up on her own.  I had to place her in a position and she would stay there until she either fell over or cried to be moved.  A month ago she finally began rolling with gusto.  Two weeks later she started army crawling and within a week of that she learned to really crawl, pull herself into sitting position, and pull up and cruise on furniture.

Although I worried a little what this phase of life would entail, I'm enjoying it immensely.  Andrea is much happier.

Sewing update: I decided to use the extra fabric I bought for purse making to make a bib for Andrea.  She loves to stare at the contrasting black and white.  Well worth the two dollars I paid.


  1. isn't it so fun when the crawl? Andrea is such a cutie! And that bib is awesome, you have skills

  2. Life really will never be the same! But a happier baby makes a happier mommy! I love watching babies crawl, it is so dang cute!

    Lindsey Francom