Saturday, August 8, 2009

Speed bump therapist

While reading a blog of one of my facebook friends I was struck by a question she asked and decided to reply. Julie, that brave unbalance woman, asked, "What makes you happy?" This is my reply from my seven hour shift of yesterdays labors at the Good Earth.

I walked along a speed bump yesterday. There has always been something therapeutic about that for me and as my boss seemed to be breathing down my neck in disdain, making a hard day harder, I ask to step outside to gather shopping carts. If asking to do something that is not your initial intention is lying, then I lied and I’m not proud of that. But I needed to breathe the stale air outside and pace on the raised pavement painted yellow just to feel it’s roundness through the soles of my brown flip flops. I can’t say that it made the day any better. It didn’t make my boss love me, or solve my school dilemma, or provide money needed for the $88.00 electric bill, or anything else weighing on my mind. But for a small moment, just seven inches off the ground I felt a little bit happy. . . Happy to just walk along a speed bump.

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